Price: 249.90 kn

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Author: Zvonimir Freivogel

Pages: 364

Photographs: 382

Binding: softcover

Colour: black and white

Dimensions: 23 x 28 cm

Year of publication: 2020.

About the book

Until now, there was no book – except some maritime encyclopedias and international yearbooks– where everything about the warships of the former Royal Yugoslav Navy (RYN), their characteristics, histories and fates could be found on one single place.
The already well-known marine author Zvonimir Freivogel undertook the task to compile the data of the warships and auxiliaries of this former Navy. Some of these came from the former Austro-Hungarian Imperial and Royal Navy, and others were built in Germany, Great Britain, France, Belgium or Yugoslavia. The operated at sea, on rivers and lakes until the Yugoslav capitulation in 1941, and some served afterwards under the Italian and German ensigns. Some of these veterans were afterwards serving even in the new Yugoslav Navy (JRM), but this is another Story that would be described in the follow-on book.
The book is richly illustrated and some photographs from private collections were until now not published. The work would be probably of interest for naval specialist and other ship-lovers as well.