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Despot Infinitus 2015.
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Opis proizvoda

It was apt time to finally write a systematic and clear description of the events on the Italian, that is, the Southwestern Front (as it was defined in Austria-Hungary, which had to fight Russia on the Eastern Front, Serbia and Montenegro on the Southeast Front, and the Entente on the Thessaloniki Front). The author has written an interesting history of the battles on the Italian front, which will be useful to historians and interesting to the public, helping them remember the events which took place exactly one hundred years ago. I hope this book will encourage other historians to search for documents and photographs from that period, and that they will continue to expand on the story of these events and save the memory of our forefathers from oblivion.

  • From the Foreword by Zvonimir Freivogel


This work gives a reasonable overview and description of the Isonzo Front, which has long lived in the national and family memory of the soldiers who fought there. The book shows that their fear of the Italians had a motivating effect on Croatian and Slovene soldiers. Unlike some other parts of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, they perceived the war as a struggle for protecting their homes, which ensured the stability and firmness of the Isonzo Front. Taking the historical perspective into consideration, it is undoubtedly true that the poor performance of the Italian army on the Isonzo and the resolute resistance of Field Marshal Svetozar Borojević weakened the Italian bargaining position in Versailles in 1919.

Željko Karaula, Ph.D.


The author has written an appealing monograph on the Italian Front, using a wide range of sources, including periodicals published during the war. The photographs included in the book are especially valuable, as the author and the publisher have gathered new, previously unseen photographs and illustrations, making this study attractive not only to those who harbor an interest in the First World War and the military in general, but to the general public as well. These are primarily the photographs from the American National Archives and the forgotten WWI-era press.

Bojan Dimitrijević, Ph.D.