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Despot Infinitus 2015.
Despot Infinitus – Web Knjižara


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The book of the already acclaimed author, Zvonimir Freivogel, is aimed at describing the operations in the Adriatic Sea, but also in the Mediterranean, between the outbreak of the World War I in summer 1914 and its end in November 1918. The origin and the development of the Austro-Hungarian Navy is also described, as well as its resources, organization and operations, together with the description of the strength and organization of the principal enemy navies on the Adriatic Sea and the Mediterranean. In contrast to the naval operations on the Adriatic during World War II, being led mostly by light and often improvised Axis naval forces against improvised Yugoslav Partisan naval detachments, as well as Allied coastal forces (motor torpedo boats, motor gunboats, and destroyers), World War I saw engagements between bigger units; in addition to light cruisers, destroyers, torpedo boats and submarines’ action, battle fleets of both sides were frequently at sea, including heavily armed battleships and armored cruisers. The war saw battles in the sky, too. Indeed, both sides had scores of seaplanes while the Allies had several airships as well.
The book is richly illustrated and there are several tables with lists of ships and aircraft data. The list of consulted bibliography at the book’s end is meant to enable research for further details of operations between 1914 and 1918 and the involved units. This work is trying to fill, at least partially, the gap in our knowledge regarding this important part of our naval history.