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Despot Infinitus 2015.
Despot Infinitus – Web Knjižara


99.90 Kn

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Opis proizvoda


This is a story about regular people in a war that has been portrayed as a giant black hole, swallowing the good and the evil. The rules were non-existent. The protagonists are trying to survive in any way possible, through laughter and tears. When they laugh, the readers cry. They remain completely ignorant about what comes after. The author stubbornly roots for the man, even after the man is no longer there.

A novel about the Croatian War of Independence that renders the reader breathless.
(Tomislav Čadež, Jutarnji list)

The only real war novel about defending Vukovar, written by the hand of the women-defenders of Vukovar.
(Branko Borković Mladi Jastreb, the last Vukovar defenders commander)


About the author  

Tanja Belobrajdić is the author of The Black Coat (Crni Kaput), a war story for which she won a prize for the best debut novel in Croatia in 2015. Her second novel My Husband’s Woman (Žena moga muža) was awarded the Josip and Ivan Kozarac Prize in the category of novels. In addition, it is the best selling novel of the Despot Infinitus publishing house in Zagreb in 2017.