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The history of the ship where the Non-Aligned Movement was conceived

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The history of the Galeb, the former Yugoslav training ship, also known as the Tito’s Peace Ship, began in 1937 as four vessels of the Ramb class were designed to bring bananas from the Italian colony of Somalia. Three of her sister-ships went under in the turmoil of Second World War, but the fourth survived the service as an auxiliary cruiser, the almost fatal torpedo hit in Libya, the return without her bows to the Adriatic, the service in German hands as the minelayer Kiebitz and the sinking at Rijeka in the late 1944. She was raised, repaired and rebuilt, to serve as the training ship and also for the Adriatic and overseas voyages undertaken by the former Yugoslav president, making her one of the best known ships in the World.
The already well known maritime author Zvonimir Freivogel compiled lots of data, pictures and photographs from the long history of the Galeb and her three sister-ships, including the technical data of the vessel and her armament during service under different flags, and tried to paint a mosaic about the career of this almost indestructible ship, on whose planks contacts between the leaders of the Non-Aligned Movement were also formed and forged.