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A century after his death, Svetozar Borojević remains one of the most interesting yet misunderstood figures of the First World War. His successes on the Eastern Front in 1914 and the Isonzo Front from 1915 onwards made him the Habsburg Empire’s most popular war-time military leader, but his legacy came crashing down in 1918, together with the Empire to whom he was completely devoted. Thus, in a curious twist of fate, he has been largely omitted from the European collective memory of the war.
This book describes the life and times of Svetozar Borojević, a career army officer who was in many ways a typical representative of the Austro-Hungarian military system with all its virtues and flaws, and the only Slav in the Habsburg Empire who had ever reached the rank of field marshal.
It also describes Borojević’s personal side, examining his life from his birth in a hamlet in present-day Croatia, the early childhood years spent far away from his parental home, his education and life of service throughout the Empire, his hopes, thoughts, ambitions, character, and, above all, the ways in which he tirelessly climbed the social, political, and military hierarchies of his time, reaching the top in face of tremendous adversity.
And finally, this book explores the reasons why, despite playing a prominent role in the events of 1914 to 1918, he was destined to fall together with the Empire, consumed by the whirlwind of politics and ideology in the turmoil of post-war Europe.




Before the Great War   
The Croatian Military Frontier  
First time in war: the Bosnia and Herzegovina campaign 
The travel guide Durch Bosnien   
Continuation of an exemplary military career
Head of the Croatian Home Guard 
The Borojević – Härtel affair   
General of the infantry    

On the Eastern Front    
The road to war 
The Battle of Komarów    
Commanding the 3rd Army    
The relief of Przemyśl    
A shoemaker’s workshop    
The Battle of Limanowa    
Borojević’s great popularity in Hungary     
The Carpathian winter    
On the situation in the Carpathians  
The Austrian Hindenburg in the Carpathians   
The surrender of Przemyśl    
Russian catastrophe   
On the successful May Battle   

The Isonzo   
Departure for the Isonzo  
Modesty and expertise were key to Borojević’s popularity   
Portraying a general  
By sacrificing a hundred, I can save thousands   
Comparisons with Hinendburg and Ruprecht of Bavaria   
An honorary citizen   
A doctorate of the University of Zagreb  
Praising the Dalmatians   
A memorial plaque and postcard    
The general who receives unannounced visitors    
Idolized by his men    
Colonel general    
A gift to the archbishop of Zagreb    
The unveiling of a bust of Borojević   
Abandoning Gorizia    
Signing up for the war loan   
On the future of Austria-Hungary    
A tenth victory    
The heroic deeds of the 5th Army    
The first Theresian knight of the Isonzo Army    
The military recreation home Boroevic    
Three million shells in vain    
Operation Waffentreue    
A memorial plaque planted on Borojević’s childhood home   
The vandalization of Adam Borojević’s tombstone    
The Italians had to succumb to our offensive    
Field marshal   
An end of an empire 

Final Months    
The death of Friedrich Borojević    
Accusations of the socialist press    
Unwanted in Croatia    
The Allies demand Borojević’s extradition    
Death was quicker    
New accusations   
Borojević – a Croatian ban    
The final goodbye   
A letter after death    
In memory of Field Marshal Borojević: a funeral speech    
The testimony of Alice Schalek    

The enigma of Borojević’s birthdate    
A Croat or a Serb?   
A military leader who had never lost a battle    
Present-day attitudes towards Borojević    

On the War against Italy    
Sources and Bibliography