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Historical Development And Technical Evolution

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The book Aviation and Airplane covers the development of aviation and airplanes from their 19th century roots to present day, examining how these phenomena thoroughly changed the world we live in. The author Ivan Jurilj, who holds a Masters degree in Aeronautical Engineering and was a member of the Croatian Air Force, divided the book into sections covering different historical eras: the book vividly describes the most important and interesting episodes in the development or aviation, tracing technical development and evolution of airplanes through the years in terms of warfare, commerce, passenger transport and their overall influence on the modern world. Paying special attention to technical breakthroughs such as supersonic air travel, stealth planes, unmanned aircraft, and the engineers, designeers, aerodynamicists and pilots who devoted their lives to push the limits of aviation, the author creates a concise and comprehensive overview of the history and evolution of aviation. Whether you’re interested in World War One figher aces such as Oswald Boelcke or Manfred von Richthofen, the World War Two era bombers, the Cold War spy planes and technical breaktroughs or the current challenges facing comercial and military airplanes, Jurilj’s book will be your meticolous guide to the exciting world of aviation.



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