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Despot Infinitus 2015.
Despot Infinitus – Web Knjižara


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About the book:

The building-up of a fleet with the armourclad at its centre was already intended by the Bakufu navy and became an urgent requirement with the establishment of the Meiji navy. Until the beginning of the Pacific War the heavily armed and armoured battleships and battle cruisers were the core of the fleet in the armament planning of the Imperial Japanese Navy. However, its realisation was very difficult because of severe financial restrictions during the foundation and early building up stages.
As the first volume of a trilogy, written with the intention to provide technical and operational data of all 36 Japanese battleships (armourclads, battleships and battle cruisers), mainly on the basis of Japanese sources, this book deals with one foreign built armourclad (Fusō), eight foreign-built battleships (the Fuji class to the Katori class), four domestic-built armoured cruisers, which were later classified as battle cruisers and worthy to be considered as prototypes of this new ship type (the Tsukuba and Kurama classes), one pre-dreadnought and one semi-dreadnought type (the Satsuma and Kawachi classes). The four super-dreadnought type battle cruisers (Kongō class) are introduced. One prize of the Sino-Japanese War (1894–1895), the German-built armourclad Chin’en, and six war prizes of the Russo-Japanese War (1904–1905), which were incorporated into the register of Imperial Japanese Navy warships either as second class or first class battleships, are also outlined.


About the authors:

Hans Lengerer was born in Germany in 1940. He entered Government service (executive) in 1962 and retired in 2000. He became interested in the IJN by contacts with the late Mr. Erich Gröner and was encouraged by the late Prof. Jürgen Rohwer, then director of the Library of Contemporary History and editor of the German naval magazine Marine-Rundschau, to publish on the IJN. Since this time more than 50 articles in German, British, American, Polish and Italian magazines and eight books followed, one co-authored by Lars Ahlberg. He privately publishes, together with Lars Ahlberg, Contributions to the History of Imperial Japanese Warships of which 17 issues have this far been completed.


Lars Ahlberg was born in Sweden in 1955. He joined the Swedish Army in 1975 and retired with the rank of Major in 2016. During the latter part of his service time he worked mainly in staff positions and his last unit was the Swedish Air Defence Regiment in Halmstad. Since his early youth he has been interested in naval history and is the co-author of a monograph about the aircraft carrier Taihō and the Yamato Class and Subsequent Planning. He has also written books about the Halland Regiment.