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Despot Infinitus 2015.
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ADRIATIC NAVAL WAR 1940 – 1945 –

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Despite its intensity and complexity, the naval warfare in the Adriatic Sea during World War Two is an often overlooked part of the war. In the past decades it remained largely unexplored, which is what inspired the naval history experts Zvonimir Freivogel and Achille Rastelli to write the Adriatic Naval War 1940 – 1945; this comprehensive book covers the naval operations of all belligerents of the Adriatic theater during WW2. The war in the Adriatic is described in chronological order, although the authors approach each warring nation separately as they construct an elaborate analysis of each belligerent’s naval capacities, desired goals, tactics and strategy. Virtually all aspects of the war in the Adriatic, previously largely unknown to the public, are described in great detail, such as the Allied submarine operations throughout the conflict, the rise and fall of the German Kriegsmarine or the complex ramifications of political changes – both on a regional and global level – on naval warfare in the Adriatic. Equipped with more than 400 photographs, ranging from the rare photographs of the improvised vessels of the Yugoslav partisans to the spectacular aerial photos of Allied air raids on ports in the Adriatic, the Adriatic Naval War helps shed light on a fascinating yet largely unknown aspect of World War Two.




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